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Oil Change Lawton Ok It's always a good time for an oil change. Lawton OK is where you'll find Bill's Quick Lube. Bring your car or truck in any day of the week but Sunday. Drop by, or call 580.353.8286 to schedule a service appointment, and we'll see you as soon as you get here.

The frequency of your oil change depends on many different factors. This includes the type of car that you drive, its engine, the kind of driving you do, as well as the age of your car. In general, car manufacturers and vehicle service stations recommend changing your car's oil at least every 3,000 miles, although it is not necessarily a strict standard. In fact, many experts prefer an oil change every 5,000 to 8,000 to avoid costly and wasteful maintenance. Other cars can even go up to 20,000 miles in between oil changes. Many different factors affect oil life, and these should also be considered when determining the number of times you should have your oil changed in a certain period of time. If you want quality oil change Lawton OK, check our routine services here at Bill's Quick Lube, your trusted Preventive Maintenance Service Center since 1979.

Some of the main factors that affect life include contamination, type of driving, as well as the age of the car or its engine. Contaminated oil lubricates less effectively and should be changed immediately so as not to pose any more damage to the engine. Older cars with less efficient engines also need more frequent oil changes than a more modern car with an advanced engine. Driving short distances as well as facing stop and go traffic may also shorten your car's oil life, as well as driving in extremely humid weather conditions. Here at Bill's Quick Lube, we take care of your oil change Lawton OK and other preventive maintenance service needs.  Oil Change Lawton Ok
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